Spirit Talks Welcome New Participants!

Have you been wondering about Spirit Talks?  Not sure what they are or whether they are for you?  Come find out!

Spirit Talks are similar in structure and purpose to a Covenant Group, but without the ongoing commitment.  These one-hour drop-in Zoom meetings provide an opportunity for a small group (usually 6-10 people) to reflect together on a spiritual theme inspired by a different quote each week. Participants share in a facilitated discussion during which everyone is given the chance to speak without interruption for a set period of time. If there is time at the end of the meeting, there is an opportunity to join in more open conversation.

Starting the week of September 21st, Spirit Talks will meet on

Mondays at 1pm, Register Now

Tuesdays at 4pm, Register Now

and Thursdays at 3pm. Register Now

You can register on Realm by clicking on the buttons above and are welcome to participate in as many meetings as you like.  No ongoing commitment, no expectations.

Give us a visit!  We look forward to welcoming new participants.

Kate Lenox, Monique Chaplin, and Susan Moore, facilitators

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