Stewardship pledge drive is a rousing success!

Pat yourselves on the back, First Parish members!

Despite still dealing with a challenging pandemic, you have have, through your generosity, boosted our beloved community to a heartening success in its 2021-2022 Stewardship Campaign. As of this week, our pledge drive has raised upwards of $730,539 toward the financial support of First Parish, exceeding our goal of $705,000.

This is a wonderful achievement, and a wide swath of First Parish members brought it about: 260 households. A good number of these pledges came from brand-new contributors, and we are deeply grateful for these first-time donors. All benefactors, old and new, have exemplified the spirit behind the Stewardship campaign’s theme: “Together, Stronger Still.”

Among the good works that this generosity will enable in the coming year are two projects that our community recognizes as crucial in this challenging new world we have been negotiating for over a year.

  • One is to increase safety and flexibility in our meetinghouse, by making improvements to the HVAC system and airflow in the building.
  • The second is to install audio-video equipment that will allow remote participation along with in-person services.

If you have not yet made your pledge, it’s not too late. You may do so via Realm or by contacting Sara Hidalgo at the First Parish office (781-648-3799).

All gifts, large and small, are welcome, and indeed crucial to First Parish’s continued mission in the world. Read additional information about our Stewardship Campaign.

Thank you all, beloved community members!

— The Stewardship Committee (Jamie Aronson, David Desjardins, Rev. Erica Richmond, Sue Sheffler, Phil Speare, Heidi Swarts)

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