Giving First: Massachusetts Building Electrification Accelerator

Climate change is an existential global crisis. It requires all the intelligence, commitment, resources, and collaboration of people all over the world to reverse the path toward a dangerous and almost unimaginable future.

We are proud to say that Massachusetts is one of the most forward-thinking and -acting states in the country in setting goals and policies for reducing emissions and use of fossil fuels, which is the main driver of climate change. But the buildings sector is responsible for about 40% of the state’s emissions….and the state has not yet put policies in place to significantly speed up this process. Our state’s executive bodies and our legislature move slowly.  We don’t have time to move slowly on climate.

The Massachusetts Building Electrification Accelerator formed in response to this problem. It is a vibrant, growing network of over 50 cities and towns –including Arlington and several of our neighboring municipalities – committed to address this critical problem through local action. We convene municipal teams consisting of officials and advocates, and catalyze successful local policies and programs that will speed up retrofits especially in low-income communities.

Many of us know the adage “think globally, act locally.” The BEA is doing just that and striving to do what’s needed in the critical building sector to tackle the climate crisis. Please give generously.

You can learn more at our website: And if you’d like to be involved with this exciting work, contact First Parish member Anne Wright at for more information.

Note: During June, July and August the Giving First team usually chooses two recipients and they split the plate total at the end of the summer. The other Giving First recipient will be Educate Girls Now.

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