Summer 2023 Services and Dinners

Most of us are looking forward to the more relaxed pace of the summer months. Vacations, less school, more time for gardening, more daylight for walks.  First Parish has some ways to enjoy it. 

This year, Summer Services are going to be all virtual. There will be no in person services from the sanctuary. It means that you will be able to zoom from your kitchen, your garden, or wherever you may be on Sundays this summer. As folks tend to travel on summer weekends, those leading as well as attending the services, will be able to do so from any location, provided there is internet service. Having summer services online also means you can be cool with your AC on, and do not need to roast and frantically fan yourself in the hot sanctuary. It also means lower overhead costs for First Parish. Did I mention LEADING summer services? Yes, we are actively looking for individuals to share their wisdom and insights as worship leaders during the summer Sundays. If you would like to lead a summer service, please see a worship associate after the service. Information about leading a Summer Service is posted here; the application form can be found here. We would love to hear from you! 

That being said, virtual services also means less time spent in community and with each other. In order to remedy this, we are also introducing Summer Wednesday Potlucks in the Courtyard in July and August. These are going to be relaxed, social times to meet with others and share a meal. Each Wednesday, from 6-8 pm, the courtyard will be our gathering place. Bring the family, bring something to share, or bring your own dinner, or just bring yourself. The Worship Associates are asking that each Wednesday be sponsored by one of our many groups and committees. For example, a covenant group, a men’s group or a committee. First Parish will provide the compostable paper goods, and the lemonade. The sponsoring group will be in charge of set up and clean up. There will be guidance provided for the sponsoring group from the Star committee as well as the worship associates. 

Getting used to a new routine can be challenging – but hopefully Sunday worship services online from wherever you are AND being with others in community each Wednesday evening for dinner will serve to enhance your summer, your spiritual practice, your social life and YOU. 

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