Summer Services 2021

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June 20 –The Zoom Where It Happens
led by Anne Quaadgras

Lectio Divina has been an important spiritual practice for me for almost ten years. Moving this centuries old practice online has led me to unexpected insights: about community, the ability of old texts to inspire in new times, and the power of getting to try again.


June 27 –UUA GA Service 

First Parish joins the largest annual gathering of Unitarian Universalists for this powerful, communal worship experience.


July 4What to the Slave is the 4th of July?
led members of the Racial Justice Coordinating Committee

Even over 150 years later, Frederick Douglass’s famous speech asks hard questions of those of us in liberal religious communities. This service features a community reading of an abridged version of Douglass’s powerful words from July 5, 1852, which demand that we reckon with the national sin of slavery and its enduring legacy.


July 11 –Finding Comfort in Nature
led by Julie Dunn

From the touch of the earth, to awe of the sky. Feeling connected with the physical world can comfort the spirit as well as provide perspective and inspiration.


July 18 –Would My Ancestors Recognize Me?
led by Tony Siddall

In this service Tony Siddall shares his “huaka’i” (purposeful journey) from the shores of Hawai’i into his own family’s Confederate history, exploring how relationships with ancestors known and unknown can bring strength, shame, identity – and ultimately, purpose and responsibility.


July 25- Reflections from a Letter-writing Life
led by Linda Junghans

Drawing on decades of correspondence with friends and family and the recent acquisition of boxes and bundles of letters from ancestors, Lida Junghans explores this common practice as a portal to spiritual experience.


August 1 -Anger and Violence in 2021
led by Esther Kingston-Mann

Many people equate anger and violence, but they are not the same. What would change if we recognized that in some contexts, anger is appropriate and useful?


August 8Walking With the Samaritan
led by Mary-Beth Landy

You come upon the scene as the Samaritan is walking the person she found on the road to the inn to be cared for. You decide to join her as she continues on her journey. What would she say to you about what had just transpired? What would you think about all of it? Let’s dive deeper in to the story in terms of who we are today, and what’s being asked of us.


August 15 -Parenting & Neurodiversity: Letting go of the narrowness of “normal.”
led by Sarah Barton

In 1993, autistic self-advocate Jim Sinclair authored a groundbreaking plea to parents to embrace their autistic children with joy and acceptance. Twenty-eight years on, join Sarah Barton in exploring the impact of Jim’s advice, and of the neurodiversity movement that has followed, on her own experience of parenting, familial relationships, and love.


August 22 –Believe in Yourself
led by Jo Guthrie

Imposter syndrome hits us all and sometimes the right person for the job isn’t the perfect person, it’s you.


August 29 -Holding Fast, Letting go: Lessons From the Pandemic
led by David Whitford

Reflections by Lissa McBurney, Greg Ruccio and David Whitford


September 5- Toward Indigenous Justice: Questions and Explorations
led by members of the Indigenous Justice Working Group (IJWG) Ellen Leigh, Jennifer Davis-Kay, Elizabeth Hunter, Annie Homza, and Tom Estabrook

From being displaced from their home centuries ago to the vast health inequities brought to light during the COVID pandemic, the indigenous people of Massachusetts have experienced and continue to experience a number of grave injustices. The members of the Indigenous Justice Working Group share what draws them to this work and raise ideas about how we at First Parish might learn about, acknowledge, and confront these injustices in order to heal and move forward together toward a more just future.


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