The Love You Take = the Love You Make

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When I was new at church, I found that attending services was not enough to make me feel connected.
I had a sense that what I could receive might be a bit related to what I gave — as the song goes, “The love you take is equal to the love you make.” But I was wary of getting over-committed.
I started looking for small ways to get involved.

I didn’t run the Pie Palace on Town Day — I didn’t even bake pies (and you should all be grateful for that). I took a two-hour shift selling pies. I didn’t join the Harvest Moon Fair committee — I waited tables in the café. I had fun, and some of the connections I made at those events became friends.
I still go back to low-level tasks in between more demanding roles. Maybe you’re in the same boat.

If so, here are a few ideas:
Music Committee
– Doing music-production setup or reception
– Creating on-line flyers for Community Sings
– Performing or helping with the Spring Music Talent Show and Music Sundays

Property Committee
– Fall/Spring “spruce ups”
– Repairing and cleaning Sanctuary chairs
– Trimming hedges and bushes
– Making our windows sparkle

Tech Committee
– Handling slides during services
– Helping with services or other events

First Parish has many ongoing activities and groups, including Action Sunday, covenant groups, blood drives, and book groups. They all need volunteers. Our church website has a section called Ways to Get Involved. Check it out, and feel free to contact any member of the Leadership Development Committee at

— Amy Fardella, Helene Newberg, Aaron Kitzmiller,
Georgia Critsley, and Julius Pereli

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