“Untitled”- Art of the Week

Untitled, Julie McNeill


by Julia McNeill

Sketchbook paper, inking pens, alcohol markers, tempura cakes

The prompt for this year’s banner competition was ‘Protest, Raising Voices,’ so I drew a BLM protester standing up to a police officer who is holding tear gas. I thought this was fitting with all the BLM protests in 2020, and with all the people standing up to the police who are being very violent.

With the meeting house closed to the public during the pandemic, the Art Wall Committee will feature one work of art each week in our eBulletin and on our website in the News feed. If you consider yourself a member of the community at First Parish and a creator, we invite you to submit a photo of one of your works to be featured. If you have questions, you may email artshow@firstparish.info.

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