Ventilation Upgrade Complete!

One of the goals this year has been to upgrade the ventilation system to improve airflow in the Sanctuary, Vestry and Parlor. In April we had an independent engineering firm evaluate the Sanctuary and Vestry/Parlor ventilations systems. They made recommendations for repairs and changes to improve air filtration and control and money was set aside to do the work in our 2021-22 Budget.


In October Edge Automation made the recommended changes. The new systems are a huge improvement!  Here are some of the details

  • Two microcomputers control the Sanctuary and Vestry/Parlor systems for temperature regulation and ventilation.
  • Motion detectors in the Sanctuary, Vestry, and Parlor can turn on the fans anytime the spaces are being used.
  • New MERV 13 filters improve air quality by filtering more small particles.
    Some amount of fresh outside air is always mixed in.
  • Even without AC, we can get automatic “free cooling” in the summer when the outside air temperature drops in the evening.
  • Online dashboards allow system monitoring and adjustment from the office or by remote login.
    The systems can send alarms by email or text when repairs are needed.

A big thank you to Greg Ruccio and John Galantowicz for shepherding this work through and to all of the property committee for the amazing job they have done this year to improve both safety and aesthetics in our meetinghouse, completing many “deferred maintenance” projects and repairs.

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