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Sunday Worship
First Parish
A liberal religious community, welcoming to all
First gathered 1739



July 12, 2020

Zoom Worship Service


Welcome and Announcements

Jo Guthrie, Worship Associate


“Sacred Space”
music by Raphael Scarfullery
lyrics by Diane Taraz
sung live by Diane Taraz, with guitar accompaniment

Please join Diane in singing.

In the space between the measures where the notes in turn are born,
silence is the music’s cradle; lift your voice to praise or mourn.
As we sing our song together, we create a sacred space.
Holy is the space between us; may our song be an embrace.

In the space between the stitches where the fabric finds its form,
tension is the pattern’s cradle; touch the quilt so soft and warm.
As we stitch our works together, we create a sacred space.
Holy is the space between us; may our lives all interlace.

In the space between this moment and the one that follows fast,
stillness is communion’s cradle; know the now before it’s passed.
As we live our lives together, we create a sacred space.
Holy is the space between us; may we know its flowing grace.

Chalice Lighting and Congregational Affirmation

Jo Guthrie, Worship Associate

We choose to be

a liberal religious community, welcoming to all.

We encourage each other on our spiritual journeys,

support one another through the changes in our lives,

and challenge the excesses and injustices of our time.

Called to love and upheld by joy, we live our faith.

Mission Statement adopted 2010

Time For All Ages

Loren Gomez

Greetings and Break Out Groups

Jo Guthrie, Worship Associate

Joys and Concerns

Loren Gomez, Lay Minister

Musical Interlude

 “The Road Not Taken”
lyrics by Carl Frost
sung by First Parish Choir, Recorded Live at FP, October 18th, 2015


Stephanie Fried


“I Choose Love”
music and Lyric: Mark Miler
sung by First Parish choir, Recorded Live at FP, February 10, 2019

This Sunday half of the offering supports the Waltham Family School. The remaining half supports the life and work of this Parish.

To donate using your smartphone, you may text “fpuu offering” to 73256. Then follow the directions in the texts you receive. Or click the button below to give online.

Give Online

Stephanie Fried

Music “Amen, Blessed Be” 

Kenneth Seitz, piano
Jonathan Brennand, cantor
Recorded April 5th, 2020

“Amen, Blessed Be, Shalom, Salaam”

will be played twice. You are invited to sing along at home.


Jo Guthrie, Worship Associate with Stephanie Fried

May faith in the Spirit of Life,

Hope for the community of Earth,

and Love of the sacred in one another

Be ours now and in all the days to come.


We Are
arr by Ysaÿe Barnwell
sung by First Parish Choir, Recorded Live at FP, January 29, 2017

Enjoy singing repeats of these lyrics with our choir.

For each child that’s born, a morning star rises
and sings to the universe who we are.

We are our grandmothers’ prayers. We are our grandfathers’ dreamings.
We are the breath of our ancestors, we are the spirit of God.

We are mothers of courage, fathers of time,
Daughters of dust, and the sons of great visions.
We’re sisters of mercy, brothers of love,
Lovers of life, and the builders of nations.
We’re seekers of truth, keepers of faith,
Makers of peace, and the wisdom of ages.

Last line: We are one.

Invitation Social Time

You are invited to participate in a break out group following worship.
If you cannot participate, now is the time to exit the zoom meeting during a 3 minute break.

Join us for Worship Next Week

July 19 –Who are youled by Mara Prentiss

Usually we think we know who we are, but sometimes sudden flashes of insight transform our vision of ourselves. Our twin pandemics may release more flashes of insight, may we embrace them to become the people and the community that we want to be.

View the full schedule of summer lay led worship.

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