The mission of the Racial Justice Coordinating Committee (RJCC) is to help First Parish more fully live up to the goals stated in its mission of being “welcoming to all” and “challenging the excesses and injustices of our time.”

Promotes racial justice both inside First Parish and beyond our walls by:

  • Carrying out ongoing review of all aspects (e.g. interior/ exterior spaces, RE curriculum, music, etc.) of First Parish’s life from a racial justice perspective.
  • Making suggestions to staff and committees about how First Parish could better embody its commitment to racial justice and engage an ever-broader circle of people in this work
  • Curating, endorsing and supporting experiences that help First Parish members develop a new consciousness of institutionalized white power and privilege and a deeper commitment to acting for racial justice
  • Providing opportunities for First Parish members to learn anti-racist and welcoming skills