Social Justice Committee Grant Program Description


The First Parish Social Justice Committee has a small grant program to increase the breadth and effectiveness of our efforts to change the institutions and structures of power that keep injustice in place, and to provide direct support to those suffering the effects of social injustice.

The specific goals of the grants include:

  • enhancing the effectiveness of our current working groups,
  • increasing the involvement of First Parish members in social justice causes,
  • reaching out and collaborating with organizations involved in social justice causes that are priorities also at First Parish,
  • educating our communities about social justice issues and what we can do to rectify injustices.

Every grant request must be sponsored by a pledging member of First Parish or a child of a pledging member. The grant request should cover the aspects listed on the Social Justice Grant Application form, but need not conform to the format of that form. The application should make clear how the grant, if awarded, would contribute to the goals of the grant program.

Applications should be submitted to the Social Justice Committee at

Grant applications are accepted at any time, but availability of funds is best early in the program year (Sep. to Dec.). A lead time (before the money would be needed) of at least five weeks should be provided whenever possible. There is no specific limit on the amount that can be requested, but amounts more than $500 are unlikely to fit in the budget available for grants.

Categories of activities supported by a grant may include, but are not limited to:

  1. Educating the congregation and the public about social justice issues and solutions
    1. Workshops
    2. Films
    3. Forums
    4. Artistic performances or presentations
    5. Written materials
  2. Facilitating the success of a social justice project that involves congregation members
  3. Advocacy regarding social justice issues, including legislation and practices of government and businesses
  4. Facilitating participation in social services or social justice endeavors by members of the congregation

Activities regarding advocacy and public witness must comply with the First Parish Public Witness Policy.

Grant Application online