Thank you for visiting the Second Minister Search Committee’s survey landing page!

The Second Minister Search Committee was elected in May 2019 at our annual meeting. As part of the search process we need your input and have developed a survey to help us deepen our understanding of who we are as a congregation, and identify unmet needs that will be crucial inputs to our second minister hiring process. This is your chance to be heard and influence the second minister search process. We’re on a tight timeline dictated by the UUA. Please complete the survey no later than Tuesday, October 1.

Please click here to take the online version of the survey.

While taking the online version of the survey will reduce overall effort and ensure data accuracy, we recognize you may need a paper format. No problem, please just email secondministersearch@firstparish.infoand we will send you a printable PDF version that you can fill out the old fashioned way.

With sincere thanks from the Second Minister Search Committee,

John Anderson

Lois Fine

Marta Flanagan

Carolyn Hodges (co-chair)

Marc Jacobson (co-chair)

Tina Silberman

David Whitford