We recognize that during these times, more technology needs have surfaced simply as a way to connect to our First Parish of Arlington services  (i.e. Sunday services, Spirit Talks, Support Groups, Lectio, Workshops, etc.)

Some basic information for you:

  •  A whole web section is written on Using Zoom at First Parish of Arlington.
  •  Get Zoom Tech Support at First Parish – by contacting:  techhelp@firstparish.info  Note, if you’re interested in joining our large volunteer Tech Support team, you can email us that too.  
  • New – A Video on Zoom BreakOuts :  This video creation was in response to a small Tech Training Session done with some FP Parishioners about Zoom BreakOut Rooms, Sharing, etc. These participants wanted a recording of the session!  Check it out.
    • NOTE: This video assumes the audience is already knowledgeable/comfortable in hosting/creating a Zoom Link, Muting participants, etc. (For example, acting as a TechHost for a small committee meeting or covenant group, etc.  )  

Thanks to Amy A., Cheri M., Dawn T., P.J. G.  for their generosity, participation. Huge thanks to David C. for his skill/experience and his gentle and thorough approach to Zoom show and tell. Best, Steph

  • “Show ‘n Tell” training: We are aware that training/review for Zoom may be helpful for all!  Please let us know if you’re interested in any Tech Zoom demo sessions specific to helping you gain appropriate access to our FP Community. So far, we’ve had a number of sessions covering a variety of topics some of which include:
    • How do Zoom Breakouts work at FP?”,
    • How does WhiteBoard & Sharing work for OWL”,
    • “How do I get on the FP Connection Board?” , 
    • “Can I change my Profile Picture in Zoom for Sunday services”, etc.
  • Questions & Answers:
    • Question: Please clarify the First Parish Zoom Recording process.
    • Answer: The services are always recorded. You can always stop sharing your video at the start of services. Do note, however, that the video that is posted later, on YouTube, does not include First Parish of Arlington video or names.

If you’re interested in Zoom Tech support related to accessing any First Parish services, email us at:  Steph@FirstParish.info