The Alliance is the women’s organization in our church, with a mission to support the women in our church, and through that support to advance the interests and efforts of our entire church. Formal membership in The Alliance is open only to women, but Alliance activities are inclusive across gender and age: men attend meetings as guests and as speakers, and The Alliance is supportive of, and supported by, the youth and children of First Parish. The Alliance hosts several programs each year from October to May. Most programs are held on Friday evenings. For more information, contact or

Alliance Gatherings

Program Oct 18, 2019-Buddha in the Garden, book cover, by Cathie DesjardinsProgram Oct 18, 2019-photo of Cathie Desjardins

Writing a Garden Friday, October 18 Potluck dessert at 7 pm & program at 7:30 pm

In her new book of poems, Buddha in the Garden, Cathie Desjardins takes us on a seasonal swirl through all the life experiences to which gardens are a gateway. Cathie’s Alliance talk is about both the process of making a book and making a garden and includes selected readings and photos. Buddha in the Garden will be available for signing.

Writing Your Own Third Act Friday, November 15 Potluck supper at 6:30 pm; program at 7:30 pm

With planners and facilitators, Annette Sawyer and Louise Strayhorn, we will spend an evening in community exploring a positive vision for our “third act”. We will open a conversation about what we can move toward and explore in a place where we are our most creative. Come join us as we begin the first steps on a staircase of growth!

To prepare, come with your hopes and questions and please have watched Jane Fonda’s Ted Talk:

Bowl of hot chowder

Annual Chowder Supper Friday, January 10 Supper at 6:30pm with potluck dessert

Welcome in the New Year with a warm tradition—a chowder supper! Several chowder­s, salad, and home-made cornbread and lots of stimulating conversation! Genevieve Baldwin, recipient of the youth summer seminary scholarship, will share her experiences with us. Also, our 3-year Giving Plan has been successful, but it is time for us to review for the future. We will begin the discussion now and vote on it at the Annual Meeting in May.