Consistent with the Town of Arlington’s February 16, 2022, Board of Health vote, masks will be optional for vaccinated persons entering the First Parish building during the week. Masks will still be required for anyone over two years old who is not vaccinated. And those who are vaccinated, are of course, welcome to continue masking too!
This will not impact Sunday morning worship, where, per the Parish Committee’s earlier vote, Sunday morning attendees must be both masked and vaccinated. The Religious Education program will continue to follow the school guidelines which still requires masking. All updates will be communicated as they occur.
Food at First Parish

In alignment with Town of Arlington policies, the Parish Committee voted at their March 15th meeting to once again allow food to be prepared, served, and consumed in the building. We are happy to announce the return of coffee hour in the Vestry this Sunday after the Youth Group service, with only beverages available for now. The Sanctuary will be set aside as a no food and drink area, for those attendees who wish to socialize masked. Our policies around attending the Sunday worship service remain unchanged, with all attendees required to be vaccinated and masked.


Since November 14 we have been worshiping incarnate on Sunday mornings in the sanctuary as well as simulcasting online. We call this hybrid worship.

Throughout this pandemic, congregational leadership has sought to strike the right balance between safety, personal choice, and inclusion.

  • All those who attend worship in person who are eligible to be vaccinated must be vaccinated.  We strongly encourage all who are eligible to be fully vaccinated, including having received a booster shot.
  • All must wear masks… unless they are speaking from the front of the sanctuary and practicing healthy spacing.  We strongly encourage the use of KN95 and N95 masks.  KN95 masks will be available at the back of the sanctuary for anyone who would like one.
  • Rest assured, our ventilation system is vastly improved and up to current health standard.