Since November 14 we have been worshiping incarnate on Sunday mornings in the sanctuary as well as simulcasting online. We call this hybrid worship.

Throughout this pandemic, congregational leadership has sought to strike the right balance between safety, personal choice, and inclusion.

  • All those who attend worship in person who are eligible to be vaccinated must be vaccinated.  We strongly encourage all who are eligible to be fully vaccinated, including having received a booster shot.
  • All must wear masks… unless they are speaking from the front of the sanctuary and practicing healthy spacing.  We strongly encourage the use of KN95 and N95 masks.  There are increasing reports that cloth masks are not adequate. KN95 masks will be available at the back of the sanctuary for anyone who would like one.
  • Rest assured, our ventilation system is vastly improved and up to current health standard.

Health experts say that these 3 measures, vaccination, masking, and ventilation, are considered the most important safeguards to prevent the spread of the COVID virus.


Those who are comfortable singing (while masked) are asked to sit on the ground floor. Those who would prefer not to sing or be in the company of those who are singing are invited to sit in the balcony. We hope you will sit where you feel more comfortable.

We wish all a healthy and happy New Year to all!