Youth Program

Programming for high school youth grades 9 through 12 at First Parish enables youth to be active, vibrant, essential members of our congregation and community.

Our large high school Youth Group for grades 9 through 12 meets Sunday nights from 6:45 to 8:45 p.m. Youth Group focuses on community building, leadership development, worship and spirituality, social action, identity formation, and individual and group exploration. Programming empowers youth to be active, vibrant, essential members of our congregation and community. Youth Group is youth-led with the support of the Youth Program staff and a team of trained volunteer adult advisors.

Interested in joining?

If you are interested in joining Youth Group, we ask that you attend one of our Newcomer Orientations, which are held twice a year.

2021-2022 Important Dates:

September 19th: New Member Orientation (3:30pm – 4:00pm) In the Church Courtyard
September 19th: First Youth Group (4:00pm – 5:30pm) In the Church Courtyard
September 26th: Parent Orientation (12:00pm – 1:00pm) On Zoom
September 26th: Youth Group (7:00pm – 8:30pm) In the Church Courtyard
October 2nd: Evening Lock-Out (6:30pm – 10:00pm) In the Church Courtyard
October 3rd: No Youth Group


Youth Program Details

Youth-Adult Committee (YAC): The YAC is the leadership body of the Youth Group. Youth are elected to leadership positions by their peers and serve a one-year term.

Youth Service Trips: Every year the youth of the church participate in Social Action projects. We alternate years between focusing on local service projects and taking a service trip to another part of the USA. During service trip years, programming revolves around fundraising for the trip, educational awareness about the issue, and the service project itself. Past trips have included the Navajo Reservation and New Orleans. Youth are invited to serve on the trip planning committee, which coordinates all aspects of the trip and offers additional growth and leadership opportunities for youth.

Senior Bridging Program: All high school seniors are invited to participate in our Senior Bridging program in the spring of their senior year of high school, which prepares youth for making the transition into the world of being a UU young adult. The program culminates with a Senior Blessing during Sunday morning worship, offered by the church program staff.

Youth Religious Education Teachers: All youth are invited to be teachers in the Religious Education program for grades Pre-K through 6. Youth serve a 3-4 month teaching term.

Youth Committee Representatives: Many church committees hold positions for Youth Reps and Youth Liaisons, including Social Justice, Interweave, Women’s Alliance, and the Parish Committee.

Youth Artist Program: Youth artists are invited to display their work at our annual Youth Parlor Art Show or at our Music & Art Benefit.

Youth Musician Program: Opportunities abound for youth musicians. Dedicated youth are invited to sing in the church choir. Youth musicians are invited to join with other musicians in the Youth Group to plan, practice, and perform various musical pieces by a Youth Group ensemble at large church events, such as the Fair and Auction, and also at our annual Youth Worship Service and Music & Art Benefit. Youth are also invited to play music in Sunday morning worship services throughout the year.

Youth Worship Associates: Youth Worship Associates serve a 1 month term and assist the minister and adult Worship Associates with all aspects of Sunday morning worship services. This is a consciously developed mentorship program that exposes youth to a variety of UU practices and offers the opportunity to take on additional spiritual leadership roles within our community.



Below is a sample youth contract. Every year, the youth advisors and the students will draft and mutually agree on a similar contract, which youth and parents will be asked to sign for all youth events. 

The Big Four: 

NO illegal drugs 

NO alcohol 

NO sexual behavior 

NO violence 

  • All persons will participate in planned activities as a group rather than as individuals. 
  • All persons will behave with respect, concern, goodwill, and consideration toward one another as befits a church-sponsored organization. 
  • Each student will respect the adult sponsors and chaperones and will obey directions and guidelines provided by them. 
  • We recognize our responsibility to leave our church and other facilities in the same condition as we find them. 
  • We will use good judgment with respect to safety and use of facilities. 


Safety Guidlines

Code of Ethics