Sunday Worship Service

October 26

Betsy Leondar-Wright

Annual Shinn Service: 
Betsy Leondar-Wright
Guest Preaching


We are very excited to welcome to the pulpit Betsy Leondar-Wright, a member of First Parish, a co-founder of the UU Class Conversations project, and program director at Class Action. 

 10:00 am

Meetinghouse Campaign

Building Design Update

architect's drawing of first parish 

WE ARE EXCITED! Construction work began in July.

EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED – WE ASK FOR FLEXIBILITY. Check out First Parish's Building Design Blog for the latest news.

Highlights and Upcoming Events

office door

Bring Many Names!

The Parish Committee recently created a new work group to take the lead on naming the rooms in our renovated meetinghouse. If you have any thoughts on naming the rooms, click here to go to the Bring Many Room Names web page!


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