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Muslims refugees immigrantsLiberty and justice do not exclude Muslims, refugees, immigrants

First Parish stands for justice and compassion in a troubled world
Five times a week, on average, a Muslim in Massachusetts asks the Massachusetts chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-MA) for help after a hate-related incident. Nationwide, rhetorical and physical attacks on Muslim  people and mosques are relentless. Worldwide, more people are displaced now than any time since the immediate aftermath of World War II. People are fleeing war, attempted genocide, hunger, and the devastating effects of climate change.

First Parish therefore affirms that liberty and justice do not exclude Muslims, refugees, or immigrants.

On a practical level, the ArCS cluster that First Parish started has helped two families and five individual asylum seekers from six countries: Djibouti, Iraq, Liberia, Libya, Rwanda, and Saudi Arabia. We have welcomed people fleeing violence and homophobia, housed a homeless family and a blind man who was living on the streets, taken asylum seekers grocery shopping and brought them to medical and legal appointments, helped them learn English and look for jobs – and, most importantly, taken everyday steps to bridge the gap between our mostly comfortable lives and the lives of people facing constant fear and uncertainty.
Click here to learn more about the ArCS Cluster's work, find out about volunteering, and/or donate to help purchase groceries, T passes, and cellphone plans for people who are starting new lives here. 

May we come to live in a country, and a world, with liberty and justice for all.


December Worship at First Parish


uulationsFriday, December 15 at 7 pm
Embrace the Darkness

Amidst good cheer and busy-ness, there is a shadow side to the season. For many this contemplative worship service is their favorite service of the year. It provides comfort and acknowledges our losses and longings at this time of year. The service will include music by UUlations, an eight woman acapella group and is coordinated by Marta Flanagan and the Worship Associates.


Sunday, December 17, Worship at 10 am
An Innkeeper’s Night

All ages adults gather to sing, worship, and decorate a Christmas tree. The service will include a play and a brief homily by Marta Flanagan.


Sunday, December 24, Worship at 10 am
Pagan Yule Circle in the Vestry
This purely Pagan service celebrates the turning of the year from darkness toward light. We will hear music from Diane Taraz with her dulcimer leading us in hymns and chants. Come contemplate what to leave behind in the old year and what you most hope for in the new. 


Sunday, December 24 candles
4 pm, 6 pm and 8 pm
Candlelight Ceremony
The Christmas Eve candlelight services are the favorite services of the entire year at First Parish. This year the three services feature all the same elements but for a few differences in musical selections. Come to any one of the services and experience the wonder of bringing light into the darkness.


Sunday, December 31, Worship at 10 am
Words for the Ending and Beginning of the Year
Poems provides wisdom and perspective at the ending of the old year and the beginning of the new. If you have a favorite poem, bring it along. The service is led by Pamela Powell, Worship Associate.

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